THOMAS B: It was the Sunday before the Fourth of July in crested butte during the busiest weekend of year and after a walk on the town I came back to my car and had a flat with no spare. 
Every shop I looked up in town was closed but I happened to be right next to crested butte auto repair so I walked over and noticed someone was doing shop work inside. 
I asked if they were open and they said no but we can still help you out. So they gave me and air pump and I pumped my tire up across the street, drove it into the shop and they not only fixed it for me but gave me 10 bucks off!! Cheers to Dennis at crested butte auto repair you saved the day even on your day off! I highly recommend using this place for your car needs. It was quick, convent and you can tell they really do just want to help.

ANNIE P: Absolutely amazing service! John and Daniel go out of their way to make sure that I fully understand what's going on with my car. They go over every option possible for repairs and what each of them will cost me. I would recommend this place if to anyone looking for honest and affordable service! I will never take my car anywhere else.